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July 29, 2014

Duke University Bachelor s

Want to be an Organizational Psychologist? Considering an Industrial and Organizational Psychology Graduate Program? Looking to take your industrial or organizational psychology credentials to the next level? Then you may want to consider enrolling in an industrial organizational psychology program at a graduate school. Industrial organizational psychology—or I O psychology—is the study of organizations, workplace environments and employees.

An Organizational Psychology Definition vs Industrial Psychology

Professionals focusing on the industrial side of the field typically focus more on the relationship between employees and the workplace, which involves looking at factors like employee training, job performance analysis, employee safety and hiring systems. Industrial and organizational psychology professionals tend to look at the entire workplace—where the goals are to increase productivity, performance and profit for the organization in its entirety, rather than focusing on individual or groups of employees. Typically these professionals are called Organizational Psychologists and graduate from io psychology graduate programs.

High growth rate in jobs for Graduates of Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs

IO Industrial Psychology Careers

Click through the above image to view high demand areas for Industrial Organizational Psychologist jobs. View the growth rate and the highest paying States!

Find the Best Graduate School for IO Psychology Programs for You!

Wondering what types of i o psychology graduate programs are out there? There are a lot of different types of industrial organizational psychology degrees to choose from, such as a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, a Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology or a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Industrial Psychology.

It’s easy to filter your search by degree for Masters Programs in Organizational Psychology or Industrial Psychology Doctorate Graduate Programs. If you’re looking to gain specialized knowledge to shift your career focus, you may want to consider a Graduate Certificate in I/O Psychology. Or you can also search online industrial organizational psychology graduate programs.

The final step is figuring out where you want to study. Are you interested in learning abroad or do you want to find the best io psychology graduate schools in your area? You may even want to consider studying online. Just filter you search by location to choose from a list of accredited colleges or universities that meet your criteria and pick the best option for you!

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