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April 5, 2016

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The Queens College Graduate Program in School Psychology is pleased to announce that the Culturally Responsive School Psychology Training Grant for the 2014 school year. Details about the grant and contract information about the grant may be found here.

A graduate of the Queens College School Psychology Program has expertise in psychology and education as well as knowledge of the contributions of related disciplines. Using an ecological perspective, our graduates work with general education as well as special education students, teachers, administrators, parents and with others in the community to develop greater understanding of all children and to contribute to constructive change in environments including the classroom, school, and home. Particular attention is given to serving the needs of children of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Multicultural issues are integrated throughout the program and specialized courses are offered focusing on multicultural and bilingual issues in school psychology.

Student Demographics

At least 35% of students come from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Comprehensive Program:

The School Psychology program at Queens College-CUNY is considered to have comprehensive model of training and financial support. Comprehensive programs are those that include student minority representation, multicultural curricular emphasis, faculty members involved in minority research and outreach, recruitment and financial retention strategies in the form of research and training grants.

Retention & Recruitment

Special materials are used to recruit candidates from CLD backgrounds along with special retention strategies.

Field Placements

Students are provided with placements in schools serving a high number of CLD students and assigned to supervisors that have had training or experience working with diverse populations. Bilingual candidates are provided with supervision from bilingual school psychologists and are placed in fieldwork settings in which they work with linguistically diverse populations.


Faculty profiles can be viewed at At least one member of the faculty is involved in community outreach or providing direct service to specific populations.Core faculty whose focus of interest and research is related to multicultural/diverse populations includes:David Goh Emilia Lopez Sherie Proctor

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