Psychology Experiments For High School students

April 5, 2013

Psychology of The Stanford
Aim: To compare short-term memory on the basis of age and gender.

Things Required
► Subjects to conduct experiment on
► A list of 5 uncommon words

How to Conduct
► Arrange for at least 10 women and men in each category that you're choosing to study―for example, age groups from 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, and men and women in each category.

► Call the first subject into the room and tell them you will say 5 words out loud, and very slowly to them. They will have to remember those 5 words and repeat them in that order.

► Then, proceed to slowly, clearly, and loudly say the 5 words (for example, Red, Wall, Bottle, Crying, Surprise).

► Let them think and memorize these words for 5 seconds.

► Then ask them a series of questions that are intended to throw them off balance.

  • What is 8 x 3
  • Which city did they grow up in.
  • What color is their footwear.
  • Which is their favorite color.
► After 4-5 unrelated questions have been asked, ask them to repeat the set of 5 words in the order that they were said in.

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Psychology Experiment Ideas for High School Students
Psychology Experiment Ideas for High School Students