Brandeis Psychology major

July 4, 2013

Program at Brandeis

To start the major, PSYC 10a (formerly PSYC 1a) should be taken no later than the sophomore year. We strongly encourage majors to take PSYC 51a (Statistics) and PSYC 52a (Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology) in their sophomore year and no later than their junior year. Both courses require advance registration with the department a week prior to the university’s preregistration period. Many advanced seminars require these two courses as prerequisites.

. Pick up a Declaration Form in the Office of Academic Services (Usdan Student Center, Room 130), or from their website, or in the psychology office in Brown 125.

2. As an aide to complete the Declaration Form, it will be helpful to use the checklist (PDF) to assure that all requirements are understood and listed.

. Bring the completed forms to our Undergraduate Advising Head, Professor Joseph Cunningham in Brown 317. Go to office hours to see when he is available.

. After meeting with the undergraduate advising head, you will be asked to bring your signed and approved Declaration Form to the psychology office (Brown 125) and meet with Evelyn Caira, the undergraduate academic coordinator. She will assign you a psychology faculty member as your advisor and process your major.

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