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September 28, 2017

Out-earn bachelor s degree

People who obtain a degree in psychology can have careers in anything to probation or parole officer to teaching psychology in a high school setting. Since a degree in psychology is so versatile, individuals can also seek careers in the business and criminal justice setting. Job outlook and salary depends on the chosen career path.

Career Social and Human Service Assistant Probation Officer or Parole Officer Secondary Psychology Teacher Marketing Career
Education Requirements Certificates or associate's degree in human services Bachelor's of Criminal Justice or Behavioral Sciences Bachelor's of Psychology Bachelor's of Psychology or Business
Other Requirements Possible previous experience Training program offered by state or federal government Teaching certification Possible previous work experience
Projected Job Growth (2012-2022) 22% (Much faster than average) less than 1% (little or no change) 6% (slower than average) 12% (As fast as average)
Average Salary (2014) $31, 860 $53, 360 $59, 330 $137, 400 for Marketing Managers, $114, 700 for Advertising Managers, and $61, 690 for sales rep

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Social and Human Service Assistant Career Information

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that careers in social and human services assistance will grow by 22% during 2012-2022 ( Employees in this field work as assistants to professionals, such as social workers and psychologists, in a variety of jobs.

These assistants may work in positions such as case management aides, client advocates, youth workers, mental health aides, social worker assistants or community support workers. Social and human service workers provide emotional support while assisting clients in accessing services, gaining independence and improving their quality of life; but specific duties vary depending on the individual's role and amount of training.

Human service assistants work in mental hospitals, outpatient clinics, social service agencies, substance abuse facilities, group homes, half-way houses or rehabilitation facilities. They evaluate clients' needs, explore possible services, link them with appropriate programs and monitor their progress in achieving goals.

Possible responsibilities include supporting clients as they learn basic skills to live independently, including personal hygiene, cleaning and cooking. Assistants might organize group activities and assist in crisis intervention situations under the supervision of a counselor. Other tasks might include assisting clients in completing necessary forms for services, such as Medicaid and food pantry programs.

Salary Information

Salaries vary for social and human service assistants because of the variety of jobs within the human service sector. The BLS reported that in 2014 human service assistants in state government jobs made an annual median wage of $31, 860. The annual mean wage of those working in a residential facility for mental health, substance abuse or developmental disabilities was $27, 020. Workers in individual and family services earned an annual mean wage of $30, 580, while employees in vocational rehabilitation services made an annual mean wage of $27, 730.

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