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September 24, 2016

Educational Psychology - Phd

How do people learn and how can we measure that? Educational psychology is the fascinating study of teaching and learning methods, aptitude assessment, and cognitive development. If you’re interested in this area of psychology, search for online educational psychology graduate programs today! As an education psychology student, you’ll learn the study and practice of developing education strategies and assessment methods.

Online learning is a fairly new method of learning and attending college, and if you enroll in an online educational psychology program, chances are you’ll study how people are learning outside the classroom as well as in it. An online educational psychology program could be good for you if you need to schedule your coursework around your existing full-time job or your family. You can still connect with peers and professors through advanced forums, group project tools, and more!

You’ll find online educational psychology graduate programs at the certificate level (for example, an online Educational Diagnostician Certificate Preparation program or an online Mixed Methods Research Certificate program), at the masters level (like an Online Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology – Educational Psychology or an Online Master of Applied Behavior Analysis, M.Ed), and at the doctorate level (such as an online Professional Counseling & Supervision Doctorate or an online Ph.D. in Psychology – Educational Psychology). Figure out where you want to go in your career path and pick the degree that matches.

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