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April 4, 2016

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Take this free online cognitive psychology test and find areas where your thinking may be causing you difficulties. NOTE: This quiz is thought- provoking (and offensive to some).

Our emotional responses depend upon our thinking processes much more than we think they do. In crisis situations we might cry, laugh, be angry or be fearful depending upon what we THINK about the situation. Often we can change our unhappy responses just by changing our thinking about some situation. (This is the basis for the often-fast-acting "thinking-style" therapies like Rational Emotive, Option and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.)

Try answering the following quiz rapidly.

First one must realize that one's thinking can be changed. Most of us never think that our thinking might be a cause of our distress. Each of the above questions can reveal an area in which you have unhappy thinking that can be changed either through your own personal growth processes or via more formal therapy. (The above questions were specifically included because millions of us are caught by each of them!)

Quiz answers: for maximum happiness the first twelve are false and the last five are true. Each statement you answered differently shows where your cognitive thinking may be causing you unhappiness. Changing your thinking about any such statement will make for more inner contentment for you and for easier behavioral changes and development. (If you think many of my answers are "wrong", I suggest you read the Tyrrany of Judgments, which goes into more detail about why some of the above ideas may be desirable/undesirable.)

If you answered all in the happiest way, then perhaps you are ready for sainthood! (Or you may be one who has much knowledge of thinking-based therapies such as Option Therapy, Rational-Emotive Therapy or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.)

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