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April 21, 2017

PSY 1411 Introduction to

We needed to lower the reading level for core content to 12th grade level. In terms of content changes, we increased the emphasis on cognitive learning, cut some of the complex statistics from chap. 3, removed GID from abnormal and emphasized gender as primarily cognitive and cultural. We made small additions to information in parenting decisions, cultural differences, and stress management. And we placed increased emphasis on core objectives. These objectives, along with teaching power points specific to the text are at We needed teaching rather than lecturing power points. (These include short video links and exercises.) We added non You-Tube Online Video to many chapters, since many of our students are taking the class online and need more visual materials.

Rationale for Changes:

I reorganized some of the chapters and deleted some content to fit a 12-week semester instead of a traditional 15-week semester. I also integrated a lot of current events throughout the book, such as videos and timely articles, so students can make connections between the concepts in the textbook and events that are going on around them in the world today.

An additional section to Chapter 10 has been added. It is called the Psychology of Protest. I added this section that includes new research, a video and wrap up questions because this hot topic was a great vehicle to help my students further grasp the material in Chapter 10.

My syllabus has always jumped around, "read Ch. 10 pages 205-210 and Ch. 3 pages 88-92, " that sort of thing. Now it reads, “week 1, chapters 1 and 2, ” “week 2, chapter 3.” It’s so calming. The other reasons are described below.

Created for our online program - very specific to the needs of the course and parameters of the program.

I changed the order of chapters.

Order of units were changed to better align with St. Ignatius College Preparatory's year long calendar. A new chapter place holder was added for the future discussion of the nature and nurture debate to more closely reflect Myers' presentation.

I am teaching this course at a faith based college. Some elements were added that involve faith, or applications in church or ministry settings. I also arranged chapters to follow other material in my course.

This is a heavily abridged version of the text, to be used in an undergraduate course in consumer behavior. Since the course gathers materials from psychology, social psychology, and sociology texts, this version is pared down to a few essentials.

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