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September 9, 2016

Top 10 Psychology Colleges in

Welcome to Forensics-School’s list of the top 10 forensic psychology colleges in America. After much deliberation and research, we’ve narrowed down here the US colleges that offer, in our humble opinion, the best degrees in the application of psychology to the law: forensic psychology.

All of our ranked schools have three things in common. They are broad-based, which a good liberal arts college should be. They are all world-recognized, if not in their name alone, certainly in their forensic science and forensic psychology prowess. Finally, they are all considerable powerhouses when it comes to wrangling your first job or grad school gig after graduation. Regardless of whether you’re looking at post-graduate work as a clinical psychologist, immediate work as a behavioral profiler, or just want a kick-ass undergraduate degree that happens to deliver a competent dose of forensic psychology along the way, none of these schools will steer you wrong. You would be fortunate as a high school student to win the right to study forensic psychology in any of these programs. And you would be a fool to pass on an offer from any of them.

How we ranked the best forensic psychology schools

How did we determine this list? Several ways. First and foremost, reputation. A degree is only as good as the university that grants it. Furthermore, a university is only as strong as the weakest student it graduates. Reputation is a hard-won asset born of years of success in a number of areas: the success of its graduates, the dominance of its faculty, and the commitment of staff to teaching undergraduates. We doubt there is a single college on this list whose name you have not heard, at least in passing. Furthermore, there are probably a few schools on this list that might surprise you. You’ll understand why this is so as you read further about our criteria–it’s not just simple name-recognition that we’re talking about.

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