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November 24, 2016

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Donaldson, T. S., Abbott, B. R., & Michie, C. (2012). Problems with the Static-99R prediction estimates and confidence intervals. Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 4, 1-23.

Donaldson 2012.pdf link to additional sex-offender articles

Ray, C. L. (2012). Assessment of feigned cognitive impairment: A cautious approach to the use of the Test of Memory Malingering for individuals with intellectual disability. Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 4, 24-50.

Ray 2012.pdf

Wolman, R., & Pomerance, R. (2012). Telepresence technology in divorce and separation. Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 4, 51-68.

Wolman 2012.pdf

Fazio, R. L., Pietz, C. A., & Denney, R. L. (2012). An estimate of the prevalence of autism-spectrum disorders in an incarcerated population. Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 4, 61-80.

Fazio 2012.pdf

Mart, E. G. (2012). Case study: The assessment of an intestate ward with anomic aphasia to determine testamentary capacity. Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology, 4, 81-90.


Pinals, D., & Mossman, D. (2011). Evaluation for Civil Commitment. New York: Oxford.

Lockhart review of Pinals and Mossman (2011).pdf

Inbau, F. E., Reid, J. E., Buckley, J. P., & Jayne, B. C. (2013). Criminal interrogation and confessions, Fifth Edition. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

DeClue review of Inbau et al.pdf

link to more reviews

Honored Colleagues

Thomas Grisso was awarded the 2012 American Psychology-Law Society Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology and Law. This Award is not presented on a regular basis. Rather, it is reserved for those individuals whose contributions are so unusual as to merit special commendation.

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