University of Tennessee Counseling Psychology

October 12, 2017

University of Tennessee

Program Philosophy: Counseling Psychology Concentration

The counseling psychology concentration at Tennessee State University is grounded in a scientist-professional model of training. The program is designed to develop competent, ethical practitioners and facilitators of learning with a multicultural perspective capable of integrating science and practice in a variety of setting and modalities. The integration of research and practice is a central theme of scientist-professional model of training. Problems in professional practice stimulate the need for systematic inquiry through research, the results of which then lead to modification of both theory and practice of professional psychology. The program curriculum has been designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the study of psychology, a broad range of competencies in research methodology, and the knowledge and skills required for professional interventions in individual, group, and family therapy. The faculty expose an eclectic choice of theoretical orientations which represent, Psychodynamic, CBT, Systems, Interpersonal, and Integrative theories.

Faculty Research Interest

Faculty and students in the department are actively involved in professional development and research either individually or as a part of research groups. A brief list of the Core Counseling Psychology Faculty research interests include: diversity issues, group processes, male-female relationships, gender issues, couples and families, intimacy, trauma, diversity and mental health/behavioral medicine, eating disorders, racism, African American issues, resiliency, values, and leadership training, psychodynamic theory, supervision/training, vocational identity development, personality; minority career development, identity development, Ecological Counseling, Integrative Therapy, holistic health, and Experiential Therapy.

About Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University (TSU) is a comprehensive, urban, coeducational land-grant university founded in 1912. The 450-acre main campus, with more than 65 buildings, is located in a residential setting close to downtown Nashville. In addition to the main campus, The Avon Williams Campus is located directly in downtown, near the center of the business and government district. Located in the state capital and second-largest city in Tennessee, Nashville is...

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