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October 24, 2016

Psychological Associates


The staff at Psychological Associates includes psychologists and licensed social workers.

Barry Josephson, Ph.D.
Barry Josephson graduated from Brooklyn College, the University of California at Berkeley, and George Peabody College. He completed his internship at the Bradley Hospital and worked at the Providence Veterans Hospital. He has also served as a consulting psychologist at Cranston General Hospital and Kent County Hospital. Besides his role as a psychologist, Dr. Josephson has worked as a high school guidance counselor as well as a history teacher. Dr. Josephson started Psychological Associates over 30 years ago. His treatment approach has always been brief treatment with a specific focus on teaching effective strategies and skills for people to apply to their problems. Current specialty interests include diagnostic assessment and treatment of children and adults with ADHD, teaching more effective study and organizational strategies for students at all educational levels, and teaching adults to be more effective in their work settings. William D'Amico, Ed.D.
William D'Amico is a Licensed Psychologist with over 30 years of experience offering services to children, adolescents, and adults. He spent his first 10 professional years in public education, most of which occurred prior to his doctorate, first as a school psychologist, and later, as a special education director.

As such, he is familiar with the provisions and constraints of state and federal education laws and has successfully represented both school systems and private patients in appeals before the MA Superior and MA State Supreme Courts.

William D'Amico has served as the Director of Behavioral Medicine for a large neuromuscular and neurological functional rehabilitation facility. He has been the principal psychologist for a team of ADHD specialists and has taught health and mental health professionals, through articles and workshops, how to work together to meet the needs of their patients

Deanna Voisine, Ph.D.
Deanna Voisine is a Licensed Psychologist who attended the University of Rhode Island, Fairfield University, Coastal Carolina University, and Elmira College.

She completed her internship in both a neuropsychological private practice and in the juvenile justice system.

Dr. Voisine has several years of experience as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and has worked with children from preschool to college age. She was the Director of Social Work at a chronic and convalescent hospital, worked in federal prison settings providing psychoeducational groups and therapeutic services, taught at a program for children with autism, and she has worked in private practice settings for several years. Dr. Voisine specializes in outpatient animal-assisted therapy and consultative services, as well as in behavioral and educational assessments and interventions. At Psychological Associates, Dr. Voisine provides evaluation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and consultation services for children and adults.

Crystal Dussault-Felipe, Ph.D.
Dr. Dussault-Felipe graduated from the School Psychology program at the University of Rhode Island with her Doctorate in Psychology.

She completed her internship working with youth at the Rhode Island Training School.

Dr. Dussault-Felipe has taught psychology courses as an adjunct professor at...

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