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August 9, 2016

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KPA Home Study
Ready to do some learning in the comfort of your own home? Take at look at the quality Home Study courses available from KPA.

KPA Member Benefit - KPA members can access each home study recording free of charge! Simply send your requested recordings. If KPA members would like access to the complete home study materials, handouts and CE credits, then they may purchase the home study for a discounted fee. Details about each option are included below.

- 2015 Webinar Series Recordings
Integrated care is a hot topic in the discussion about health-care reform in the United States. Integrated care brings together health-care professionals who recognize that health and illness have both psychological and physical components. Interdisciplinary treatment approaches are not only cost-effective, but are shown to improve treatment efficacy. Physicians, psychologists, nurses and other providers work in tandem to diagnose conditions, plan treatment, provide coordinated services, and evaluate outcomes. Regretfully, this trend is not one that most psychologists have been formally trained to engage, even though psychology has significant contributions to make in health care settings. This webinar series will provide an introduction to integrated care in a number of areas, including pediatrics, oncology, and palliative care.
KPA Members can access the recording free of charge! (More)

Expanded Opportunities for Mental Health Services under the Affordable Care Act and Assuring HIPAA Compliance, Non-Credit.
Webinar presentation recording available to KPA members only! Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Kentucky will provide opportunities for psychologists and other mental health professionals to provide services to more Kentuckians who have health care coverage than ever before. Understanding how the KY Health Benefit Exchange will operate and being knowledgeable about HIPAA requirements will be crucial for mental health professionals who choose to be providers in these expanded markets. (More)

A First Step in Understanding the Affordable Care Act and Its Potential Impact on the Health and Mental Health of Kentuckians
The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the most controversial and yet potentially far-reaching health care laws ever to be passed. It is incumbent upon psychologists and other mental health professionals to broadly understand the implications for improving the health and mental health of Kentuckians and the opportunities that it offers for mental health providers.

Helping Students Make Psychology Work for Them
This workshop was presented at the 2013 KPA Foundation Spring Academic Conference and it discusses how to help students take the knowledge and skills learned in psychology and apply them to work environments and life-long learning. KPA...

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