African American Psychology From Africa to America

April 13, 2016

Book Discussion on Anne

Faye Z. Belgrave (Ph.D., University of Maryland) is Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and founder and director of the Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention. Her programmatic and research interests are in the areas of HIV and substance abuse prevention. Her research focuses on the role of culture and context in preventive interventions and on issues of gender and women. Dr. Belgrave has published extensively and is an invited speaker on these topics. In collaboration with community partners, she has implemented several prevention programs targeting African American adolescents, women, and young adults. These programs have been beneficial in increasing cultural attributes and in preventing and/or decreasing drug use and associated negative behaviors. Dr. Belgrave serves as an expert advisor on several national committees and agencies including the American Psychological Association, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency, and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. She is the recipient of many national awards for her work with African American populations including the Association of Black Psychologists Distinguished Psychologists Award and the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program Dalmas Taylor Award for a distinguished career in psychology.

Kevin W. Allison is Senior Assistant to the President of Virginia Commonwealth University and a Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs. He completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Notre Dame and his graduate work in clinical-community psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. Prior to joining the VCU faculty, Dr. Allison worked at Pennsylvania State University and served as the Clincal Director of City Lights in Washington, DC. Dr. Allison's work has focused on understanding and addressing processes that support positive developmental outcomes for African American children and youth. This has included the examination of life skills and culturally informed interventions for youth and work with community-based human services providers.

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African Americans PT 1
African Americans PT 1
Download African American Psychology: From Africa to
Download African American Psychology: From Africa to ...